Breaking Through (London Music Works)

Today my composition, "Breaking Through", has hit 3 million streams on Spotify

This blows my mind. The number of comments from strangers who have found their way to contact me, in various forms, and tell me how much much they like this piece is totally humbling and surprising. 

I see a lot of traffic to my website, looking for this piece and figured it would be a good idea to write about "Breaking Through" to answer some questions that a few people have been asking. 

Firstly, the piece was not written for a movie."Breaking Through" was actually the first piece of orchestral music I've written, we added it to a recording session with full orchestra that we had organised for our 2nd volume of library music called "Silva Screen Originals". The concept of the album was to write music in a filmic way. We decided to add this piece to the album last min. 

The piece was really about breaking through some personal blocking beliefs in my life. How we can always find a way to our goals, whatever they are. The flow and build of this piece represents a slightly dark and unsure start, building to a crescendo and reaching a place of joy and ease.

Evan Jolly, who I've worked with for about 15 years now helped me orchestrate this piece, and his input really brought everything together here. He also conducted the orchestra! 

Heres a video of the orchestral sessions: 

And here is a PDF of the orchestral score, in case anyone is interested! You'll notice that the harp part is not on score, as we added this later (with the other percussion). 

Thanks again for all your lovely comments.

Evan Jolly conducting “Breaking Through”

Evan Jolly conducting “Breaking Through”